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Programmable Power Supply (PPS) is a specialized technology division of Security Technology Systems that provides engineering development and manufacturing of custom radio frequency power products, high current switching amplifiers, switch mode power supplies, high voltage power products, and the mixed signal technology necessary for system integration of these power products.

Programmable Power Supply was established in late 1996 to provide design, development, and manufacturing of custom computer-controlled power sources for the semiconductor manufacturing and test industries. Company founder and president Iosif Izrailit worked for many years as the Chief Engineer of Power Products at Analogic Corporation, where he developed supplies and amplifiers for CAT scan and MRI machines.

In 1997, Programmable Power Supply secured its first customer, Applied Materials. We developed a water-cooled, high power Radio Frequency Amplifier (RFA) in order to provide 6-7 kilowatts of RF power for ion beam acceleration in their Ion Implant equipment. Several years later, we also began development on a High Current Amplifier for Beam Scanning to provide 500 amperes to sweep an ion beam across a silicon wafer. Beginning in 2003, we have offered extended maintenance support for all of our products delivered to Applied Materials.

Beginning in 2003, Programmable Power Supply worked with Wintek Electro-Optics to create a number of generators for atmospheric plasma cleaning technology, including 500 watt Radio Frequency Generators, with an atmospheric plasma ignition system, and a High Voltage Power Generator which provides up to 20 kilovolts and an output current in access of a few amperes.

We were also involved in the development and manufacturing of a 150 kilovolt, 5 kilowatt air-cooled High Voltage Power supply for an electron accelerator.

Programmable Power Supply has also developed a number of custom electronic subsystems for various organizations according to their specifications. Global Quantech, a biotechnological research company, commissioned us to develop a series of electronic assemblies for its family of water purification systems. Today, we build and test thousands of these subsystems.

Current technologies under development include Power Converters for Solar Batteries, as well as Power Sources for LED and lasers. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your technical requirements and look forward to being able to support your needs for custom RF, high current, high power, and high voltage electronics.

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